Crunchy Sausages, Chips and Eggs with BBQ Sauce

Crunchy Sausages, Chips and Eggs with BBQ Sauce

Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

20 mins



  • 8 Sausages (2 each)
  • 4 cups (600 g) Fat Cut Potatoes
  • 5 Tbsp Olive Oil for the Potatoes
  • 4 Tsp MasteFoods™ Chicken Salt
  • 4 Eggs (1 each)
  • 4 Tsp of Olive oil for the Eggs
  • Barbeque Sauce
  • Fresh Leaves

  1. We recommend cooking the Sausages in the oven to make them crispy and crunchy.
  2. Put the Sausages on one tray, whilst on another, cut some Potatoes into ‘wedge style’ fat chips and sprinkle with 5 Tbsp of the Olive Oil and the MasteFoods™ Chicken Salt. Roast on a bare tray at 200C for 20 minutes till browned and crunchy.
  3. Fry an Egg for each person in 1 Tsp of Olive Oil each. Serve the Sausages with an Egg on top, some Leaves, and Barbeque Sauce.

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